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Sorting of numbers in increasing or decreasing order is not a very hard work until we have a lot of numbers to be sorted. But if we have such a job, we look for some programming which can make our job easy. Here I am going to describe how to write a fortran90 code for sorting numbers in certain order.
Published by Sonia 62 months ago in Computer Programming & Languages | +5 votes | 0 comments
Pauli Spin matrices are 2X2 complex matrices which are very frequently used in quantum mechanics. They have some interesting characteristics. One of them is commutation relations. In this article I will prove these commutation relations using fortran90 which is quite a famous and easy programming language. And for doing this, I will also show how to handle complex numbers and to multiply two matrices in fortran90.
Published by Sonia 62 months ago in Computer Programming & Languages | +4 votes | 0 comments
Plus Perfect Numbers are a class of very interesting numbers in the ‘Recreational Number Theory’. They are also called narcissistic numbers or Armstrong numbers. Plus perfect number is the number that is equal to the sum of its digits each raised to the power of the length of the number. 153, 1634, 370, 371 are some of the plus perfect numbers. We can easily check and calculate Plus perfect Numbers or Armstrong numbers in Fortran90.
Published by Sonia 65 months ago in Computer Programming & Languages | +4 votes | 1 comments